How to leave your hair straight: simple tips to do at home

Do you want to use straight wires for a while and stay away from aggressive chemical procedures? These tricks will help you. Find more here: shampoo to make hair straight

The years of study and experience of professional hairdressers make a huge difference in hair treatment. But there are possible tricks that can be adapted to our care at home - among them, are those that help to straighten hair without using chemistry, with that natural aspect so dreamed of. That's why we've gathered expert tips for you to learn how to straighten your hair in easy ways.

How to leave natural straight hair?

With brush

Write down the step by step:

1. Before starting to dry, remove the water accumulated on the threads with the towel (leave the threads almost dry). Don't rub, just press the fabric against your hair for frizz and let the strands catch.

2. Detangle damp strands with a wide-toothed comb. Then, with a round brush, pull thin strands and dry them keeping a minimum distance of 20 cm from the dryer.

3. If you have a diffuser at home, the better. Because the mouthpiece is more spread out, it does not directly attack just one area of ​​hair. Also pay attention to the direction you will give the brush. “If you pull it down, it will create that flat effect similar to that of the board. If you pull the brush diagonally, you will get a smooth with movement and a little more voluminous ”, explains hair stylist Emerson Dias, from Glass Hair.

4. In both cases, finish the modeling with a good tip repair oil, to recover the hydration and shine of the hair.

With flat iron

Although practical, the high temperature of the flat iron is very bad for the health of the hair. The heat causes the water molecules of the wire to evaporate, and for this reason this type of straightening usually leaves the hair fibers dry. In addition, there is a risk of burning them.

Relieve the damage with a thermal protector before the procedure, and abuse the leave-in or reconstructive oil afterwards. Even so, do not use this straightening technique more than once a week.

Making a cap

The technique is already well known among our grandmothers, mothers and aunts. It is very simple and can help make the strands smoother at home, but without losing movement. Here you learn how to use the cap to smooth the strands step by step.

How to keep straight hair clean all day?

Once stretched, the thread tends to receive more oil. If this causes a dirty hair effect throughout the day, just spray dry shampoo , a spray product that can be carried in the bag to touch up the look.

How to keep your hair straight throughout the day?

Leave-in does not need to be used only after washing and brushing your hair. As it has a light texture, it allows you to reapply other layers without removing the natural trim of the threads. This is a trick on how to leave your hair straight without frizz and straight for longer.

Product Tips

For your straight hair to pass away from frizz, it is worth trying the Nexxus Frizz Defy shampoo and conditioner . Formulated with argan oil and concentrated protein, the products replenish the lipids, strengthens and guarantees shine and softness.

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